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Welding & Engineering Service.


Painting services sometimes.

 Or paint removal. Old signs.

I can do it once the right way.

If I can transform this.


Into this.

See what paint and some elbow grease can do, and used cabinets, paint T.L.C..

Imagine what I can do for your windows.
Before        and        After
So if your hands are full. With your windows all grimly. Rely on me to make them shinny.
           Joe Bell Services 

Call me @  (818) 317 - 0722

Email ; 
I clean windows, and sometimes I do other things.
Some times I save lives from disasters.

Note this picture; This could of shocked, maybe killed or started a fire.
Preventing aincident from happening .
See the "T" bar and the notch.
SHOCKING. I think so.

 Repairs I had done with magnets.
From your ornamental metal, to the little broken door release on your car for access to the gas tank.

Please let them know we sent you. 

JWindow cleaning and Carpentry Professional.
Joe Bell Services
Serving L.A. County and surrounding areas. Simi Valley to Pasadena/ Santa Clarita to Malibu. , CA 90210 US
Phone: 8183170722 Website:  
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